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Internet Domains For Sale  ... Information.

You will Need an account with a Domain Registrar for transfer,  usually free

GoDaddy.com or Fasthosts.co.uk are excellent.

The Domain will become yours for life providing you keep up the renewal on that domain,  however there is a safety net in the system whereby if you fail for any reason you can still have time to recover your domain.

Should for any reason whatsoever a problem is encountered with transfer we can swing the Nameservers over to your host or server so you can publish within approx 24 hours of payment being received.

Domains can contain Hyphens,  some people say that it devalues a Domain but in my personal experience I have never found a Hyphenated Domain name to be discriminated against.

Fasthosts                 GoDaddy

Upper and Lower Case .....  All Domain Names are truncated to Lower Case on the Internet, however they are displayed,  there is no difference between DrSmith and drsmith apart from legibility same with Dr-Smith and dr-smith  always opt for the most legible option.

Unless you are a Doctor or a notable Public Figure please leave you ego in the cupboard.  No one is going to know who FRED JONES is but if you are looking for a FRED JONES the Photographer then a search for Photographers will find him,  all to often people go goggle eyed at seeing their own name in lights but it simply does not work.  Keep to the Keywords for your Domain and you will be well rewarded.  The extra business generated by having the correct Domain Name cannot be overstressed,  and the financial rewards are going to keep you in Business while your competitors struggle.

Interest rates at the Banks are at an all time low, loans can be had from 10 to 20 pounds per week over 5 years to cover the cost of Domain purchase and at the end of that term you have an asset that has appreciated considerably and added value to the Company.  Do you want to be left in the starting gate for the sake of 10 to 20 pounds per week,  can you can afford to risk loosing business,  remember your Website is often the first point of call for your Business.

All our Domain Names have been carefully keyword selected ( With the exception of Doctors ) and with the properly constructed website with all the relevant Metta tags etc configured it will fly on it's own.

Domains can be purchased for Publishing your own website or for Investment for the Future,  on average Domains cost around 8 to 10 pounds per year for renewal ( Domains can be renewed for a max of 10 years at one go ) or just for a present for someone special who is a Doctor,  Photographer or in any relevant Business. Best Wishes...........


Payment can be made by PayPal to Aidie@DomainDoctorWebsites.com


Payment can also be made by direct Bank transfer,  please ask for details,  cheaper than PayPal.

Interested,  then please contact me .....  Aidie@DomainDoctorWebsites.com      Mobile Text or Phone 078 575 26662

Once it's gone it's GONE ...........



All Domain Sales subject to local and International Taxes - Country of Origin UK - Copyright FoSF - Not for Profit - DomainDoctorWebsites 2020..

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