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Internet Domains for Sale ... Terms of Business.

Be one step ahead of the criminals

The domains on this site are the property of The Friends of Sherwood Forest.

We do not employ agents or others to sell for us.

All our Domains for Sale are registered to Adrian Wilson or the Friends of Sherwood Forest and are Locked.

The buyer should make an enquiry to verify availability, .....Domains can sell quickly.

Upon an expression of serious interest the Domain will be placed on reserve for the buyer and noted as such on the website.

The buyer is responsible for all fees relating to the purchase, transfer fees and taxes ect. Not usually substantial, the buyer will be informed of the transfer fee in advance.

We recommend that you set an account up in either Fasthosts or GoDaddy to simplify transfer.

Payment to be made by Bank transfer or PayPal.

Once payment has been made the transfer process will take effect within 24hrs, usually a lot quicker than that.

The domain is then your property and you are responsible for it's upkeep from there onwards. Nameservers can be changed or any other operation performed from your own account.

Any questions please ask. We have an excellent reputation for customer service and care.



All Domain Sales subject to local and International Taxes - Country of Origin UK - Copyright FoSF - Not for Profit - DomainDoctorWebsites 2020..

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